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Wesley Chapel Infant Care: Infant Brain Development

Posted on 10-06-2014


Your infant needs an optimal environment in order to grow and stimulate brain development. At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Meadow Pointe, we use our Brain Waves™ Curriculum to provide the ideal environment and activities for children, which promotes healthy brain development. Infants as young as six weeks old are involved with stimulating, hands-on play.

Below we outline several developmental stages of infants:

  • One to three months: During this stage your infant’s brain learns how to handle stimulus from the outside world. Your infant will learn how to smile, raise the head and push up onto the chest.
  • Four to six months: During this stage, your infant will learn how to reach out and manipulate objects using hands and voice.
  • Seven to nine months: During this stage, your baby becomes more active. He or she will spend the next few months learning how to become mobile.

Our Infant Program includes:

  • A comforting place that focuses on love and trust
  • Sign language techniques to maximize communication skills
  • Daily exercises and activities designed to coincide with physical development
  • Daily reports and weekly lesson plans to keep you informed of your child's development
  • Outdoor Time
  • Targeted Activites to stimulate brain development

There are four essential components to our infant program which are: language development, physical development, cognitive development and social and emotional development. We also know the importance of nurturing when it comes to babies, which means we provide hugs, love, and one-to-one attention through the implementation of our “Hug First, Then Teach” philosophy.

At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Meadow Pointe, we fully support your infant to maximize his or her full potential and have the best possible care. Our curricula are adaptable so they grow along with your infant to be ready to advance to the next stage.

For more information about our Learning Academy or the benefits of our specialized curriculum, contact us today.

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