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Love the Program and Online Camera
I love this facility. The teachers are top-notch and they truly care about my children. They go out of their way to make me and my children comfortable. I feel that my children are getting a good education because they constantly come home talking about what they did that day or singing new songs or with art they created. As if that wasn’t enough, the fact that I can log into and account and see my children via a camera is the cherry on top. I love Kids R Kids and I am thankful everyday that my babies are in this facility.
Rea Family
Loyal to KRK
For the last 6 years (almost 7) we have had at least one of our children enrolled at KRK Meadow Pointe. Our youngest is currently a toddler and started in the infant room at 11 weeks old. Our family has been amazed what he has learned in just 2.5 years. Our older children started in VPK and are currently enrolled in the school age program. They really enjoy all the fun activities and also spending time with friends. As working parents, we appreciate the safe, clean, educational and friendly environment provided by Kids R Kids. It is great we are able to drop off the children in the morning and know they are in very competent hands with extremely professional and caring teachers and staff.
Love for Learning
I just had to write you and let you know. Since my daughter started at kids r kids her progress was amazing. She started elementary this year and was moved to an advanced class at the end of the first semester. We give the credit to her VPK teacher mrs. Jessica ( room 550) as well as her teachers before the VPK program. We feel so blessed that our daughter attended your school in those formative years and feel that it has given her " the love of learning". Oh, and she is reading at a first grade level. Again, thank you so much with doing such a great job at shaping the future. We love Kids R Kids. Sincerely, The Weeks Family
Weeks Family - FL
Great Staff
This was my first year doing a VPK Program for one of my children and I have to first start of by saying that the staff from the moment you went to sign up made you feel like a part of a family and you think is this going to last? Well it does. Ms. Jaya is a godsend as a teacher and she has taught my daughter so much this year and not just about learning things but about the importance of having someone actually care if you learn. The front staff was great and always wonderful and I have to say that it is going to be sad not seeing everyone everyday. Mckenna will miss the people she has come to love each and every day. We have come to care about Ms. Jaya and will miss her very much!!! This place is a wonderful place for a child to go and learn and you can know your leaving your child with someone trustworthy and in this day and age that is important. Wonderful job!!!!
Fitzpatrick Family - FL
Highly Recommended Program
Kids R Kids has been a great learning experience for my son. Throughout the school year, he has been learning to write alphabets, numbers, how to add and subtract, letter sounds, with an emphasis in vowel sounds and much much more. My son loves doing his homework becuase it makes him feel like a `Big Kid`. The satff at KRK is great, they are outgoing and are always welcoming. I would highly recommend Kids R Kids as a childcare provider to everyone
Alexander Family - FL
Loves the school
My daughter is been here in 3 year old classroom before and now she is in VPK. From the moment I met Ms. Jaya she was warm, caring and showed a passion for children and learning. This does not come lightly as you may see some other pre school teachers just doing their jobs. Not her, she welcomes every child into her classroom with love and attention. Each child has one on one time with her to learn as much and as best as the child can. When a child is not doing well either in academics or with other children she is quick to notify parents and provide helpful suggestions. My daughter loves going to school not only to learn but to see Ms. Jaya. You know you have a wonderful teacher when your child loves going everyday and asks on weekends when is it time to go back to school. Ms. Jaya has the academic background to support her love of kids and their future as well. She continues her education allowing her to have the most up to date information for our children. I`d also like to add that here at Kids R Kids, along with ms. Jaya that their pre K program is based on a Kindergarten level. So not only are they learning the basics to enter Kindergarten they are also receiving the fundamentals to ensure every child success when they enter Kindergarten. Ms. Jaya includes many fun activities to allow the children to learn in different ways. Such as puppets, programs, outside activities among many other ways. Keeping the routine along with mixing it up is what keeps her kids interested and loving school. Thank you Ms. Jaya for all that you do for our children. You are an amazing woman. Please keep up the great work! Angela Schaberg
Schaberg Family - FL
Education and Fun!!!
I am really impressed with the VPK program in Kids R kids. The teacher is very dedicated and my son can already read, write and do additions and subtractions. The teaching environment is fun and creative. I am glad that I choose Kids R kids VPK program for my son. My son just loves his school. sincerely, Dipalee Gade
Gade Family - FL
A Note Of Thanks
Just a note of thanks for all you do for the kids. This is my daughter`s second year with KRK, and she looks forward to every day. The staff is always friendly, helpful and caring;and the environment is happy, encouraging and above all, safe. The VPK teachers treat my daughter with the care and support she needs, and it shows. Each day she comes home with new stories, new activities, and new friends Thank You all
Niehoff Family - FL
Accredited By APPLE Accredited By APPLE
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