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Talent identification as early as preschool can help fast track your child’s curriculum in Wesley Chapel

Posted on 08-04-2014


Being able to identify talents in your Wesley Chapel preschooler can play an important role in his or her cognitive development. By honing in on and nurturing these talents early, your child is able to get a good start on his or her school career and progress seamlessly through school life. Here is how Kids ‘R’ Kids academy can identify and nurture your preschool child’s talents.

Teaching staff

The teaching staff here at our Meadow Pointe facility have been specially trained to identify your child’s unique abilities. Each child receives individual attention so that the staff has enough time to learn about each child’s individual talents. This individual attention in conjunction with our exclusive preschool fast track curriculum supports your child in getting the best possible start to his or her school career.

Kids ‘R’ Kids’ Learning Academies

Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Meadow Pointe in Wesley Chapel is fully equipped with everything your child needs in order to develop his or her talents. Our facilities are clean and state-of-the art. Since each child learns differently, our well-trained teaching staff, supported by our great facility, are able to identify and nurture your child’s talents.

Fostering these talents both at home and at school

If you have a child that tends to watch and imitate, or play with colors and pictures, then he or she is probably a visual-spatial learner and will learn best by making use of visual aids. These children generally tend to lean towards design, architecture or photography careers. This is in contrast to children who tend to learn by using their hands and body which are physical learners. These children are good at sports or in physically demanding careers.

To find out more about our fantastic preschool facilities feel free to contact us today at Kids ‘R’ Kids of Meadow Pointe and we will gladly assist you.

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