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Early Childhood Milestones to Look For in Your Wesley Chapel Preschooler

Posted on 12-17-2014


Parents want to be around for a child’s first word, first steps, and a host of other aspects of the child’s growth. A parent wants to know when a preschooler might achieve a new milestone. This information provides some insight as to when your child might reach certain milestones, and how your daycare can aid with this process.

Prior to preschool

Your child’s growing process begins from the moment he or she is born. Before your child is one year old, he or she will begin to mimic the sounds they hear others make. Talking and playing with your child is a great way to bring about this milestone. During this stage your child will also begin to babble, attempting speech. This too requires encouragement.

During the first year of life your child will undoubtedly begin to say words like “mama” or “dada”, and soon after the eighteen month mark your child will probably be able to say proper words. This is one of the bigger milestones to look for. As a parent, fostering your child’s language development starts with how you go about your childcare.

The preschool years

Once your child enters the preschool years, he or she will be in one of the bigger growth stages of childhood. Your child will already have the ability to independently go to the bathroom, walk, and run, which are big milestones for your child.

Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Meadow Pointe in Wesley Chapel, Florida understands how parents feel about missing a child’s milestones. Our classrooms are equipped with technology so that you can watch how your child is learning and never miss a single moment. For more information on our childcare or to enroll your child in our AdvancED™ accredited program, contact us now.

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